On and Offline Streaming

Because we know that the trend of live broadcasting sports and other event is moving to the Internet, we can also provide the best quality for that uprising market.

Web streams are:

Accessible everywhere
You can access online streams everywhere and anywhere. All you need is a internet connection and you watch them on your smart phone, computer or tablet device. We can make sure that the live event is broadcasted on bigger platforms (YouTube, Live Stream,…), or we can adjust to your requirements. In any case – the event is just one click away!

Perfect for almost any event
Online broadcasting can be used for almost anything with interest outside of the physical event’s limits.

  • Concerts
  • Sport events
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Fairs
  • Radio and Podcast shows

The production is very flexible and so we can easily adjust to your needs. Because of that web streams are the perfect way to go for almost any event.

Out OB Van can be equipped with up to 4 HD cameras and the best graphic and statistic equipment, which is also used for TV broadcasting. We are also offering graphic assistance for internet streaming.